Nonfiction Web Articles

Marjorie has ghostwritten hundreds of blog posts and Web articles. She specializes in SEO best practices and content marketing. Here are a few of Marjorie’s best articles published with her byline.

Benefits of Bad Hostels: 6 Reasons Why the Worst Hostels Are the Best,”, April 2010

How to Steal Your Friend’s Girlfriend,”, April 2010

How to Break Up with an Evil, Vindictive Jealous Girlfriend,”, April 2010

Face Your Mortality at the Catacombs of Paris,”, September 2010

Wander Ancient Rome in Ostia Antica,”, September 2010

“Was Michelangelo Forced to Paint the Sistine Chapel?”, January 2011

“Four Traits of Successful Writers (Besides, You Know, Writing Ability),” Chazz Writes, May 2011

“Top 10 Best-Selling American Authors of All Time,” first published on, July 2011; reprinted on

“Should You Give Your Partner Your Passwords?”, first published on, July 2013; reprinted on July 2013

“Boost Your Career with a Graduate Certificate,”, July 2015

“EHRs — How Safe Are Your Medical Records?”, July 2015

“The Future of Mobile Microsoft,”, August 2015

“How Wearable Tech Could Transform Healthcare,” August 2015

“Why Your Small Business Needs to Upgrade Its Credit Card Terminals to Comply with EMV,”, October 2015

“Don’t Give Your Employees Company Credit Cards Until You Read This,”, October 2015

“Succession Planning: Why Your Family Business Should Consider a Living Trust,”, November 2015

Research Presentations

“I Can Haz Capshun?: Analyzing Language Choices in LOLCat Memes,” 21st  Century Englishes Graduate Student Conference, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, October 2016

Editorial Work

From August 2016 to September 2017, Marjorie served as Media Editor for Cheat River Review. She published Issue Seven and Issue Eight.

Marjorie worked on the copy editing team for Bad Ideas About WritingDigital Publishing Institute, 2017

Creative Non-Fiction

“Some People Never Learn,” The Blotter, July 2006

“The Best Fish,” Amarillo Bay, Spring 2009

“Dime Toss,” Flashquake, Volume 8 Issue 3, Spring 2009

“The Longest Game I Ever Played,” Attribute Magazine, May 2009

“Presence,” Adelaide, October 2018


“Night Driving Requires Extreme Caution,” Attribute Magazine, May 2009

“Sometimes We Want the Strangest Things,” Western North Carolina Woman,Volume 8 No. 2, February 2009